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...in this exceptional building, with a great history (old part of the military fortress of IXth century known as the "Tour", destroyed in the XVIth century then rebuilt in the XVIIth century as post house...).

A passion house...

...created for you by resurrecting the spirit of the place, combining urge, modernity, comfort and recovery of the former: fireplaces, stone staircases, exterior walls dry stone that structure the garden as a work of art...

Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon

Meet the owner!

Born just a few kilometers from Château-Chalon, Martine enjoyed growing up in the Jura area.

As she entered a hospitalty school, she discovered other regions in France throught the program.

This soon lead to a career in the industry and eventually took her to the Unites States.

Now back in the Jura, Martine looks forward to hosting you in her home and helping you discover all that this region has to offer.

Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon
Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon
Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon
Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon
Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon

Guest rooms

Discover the 4 guest rooms and to each their own style... Great comfort for a relaxing stay.

Discover our guest rooms...

Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon

Garden & Pool

In fine weather, take your breakfast on the terrace, next to the pool... before taking a dip!

Discover the garden...

Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon


A good breakfast with vitamins to start a day on the ground running!

Vitamins for the day!

Tour Charlemagne - Château-Chalon

Access & Contact

All information to get to the Tour Charlemagne...

Access map...


La Tour Charlemagne | Great comfort guest house
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